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A few months ago, I have decided to finally take up knitting more seriously. From this idea, Celestina was born – inspired by my boyfriend’s grandmother, who run her pasmanteria in Rome between 60s and early 00s. It was placed on via dei Gracchi and called Celestina Mode. After listening to many stories about her fierce character, I’ve fallen in love with her a little bit, therefore decided to use her legacy and borrow the name for my work.


Being strongly against distribution of fast fashion, I am making solitary objects that I’ll be posting each month in different sizes, forms and patterns. I want to enjoy it as long as I can, so I made a decision for every object to be different and one of a kind. For me, the most beautiful thing in this project will be discovering and learning new techniques as I knit. Each piece is knitted by myself, with hight quality, fair trade sourced wool. 


For planting the seed of knitting, for teaching me everything I know by now about knitwear and for being patient with me, I eternally thank my dear friend Paula Kozłowska, who is not only a beautiful designer and artist, but also an irreplaceable mentor. 

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