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Celestina is a small scale knitwear studio based in Warsaw.

The name is inspired by my partner’s grandmother, who run a pasmanteria in Rome throughout her whole life from 1960s. Her shop was placed on via dei Gracchi and called Celestina Mode. After listening to many stories about her fierce character, I’ve fallen in love with her a little bit, therefore decided to continue her legacy.

In May I'll also present a first selection of vintage clothes,

objects and jewelry. All finely selected and restored. 



Being strongly against an idea of fast fashion, I am making solitary objects that I’ll be posting each month in different sizes, forms and patterns.

Each piece is knitted by myself with high quality polish wool. 

Celestina Mode was set up by Marta Weronika Orlikowska.

Currently the only person in the studio, knitting all your orders by hand.

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